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Deblistering machine for a wide range of blister formats and freely adjustable.

Up to 70 blisters / minute

Blister dimensions : min. 70mm wide and up to 135mm with no limit to the length.




EMTEE-V deblistering machine with a full set of disks and rings.

The disks on the lower axle can be positioned by means of rings of different width.  With the EMTEE-L one is forced to search each time for the right position of the disks but with the EMTEE-V a deblistering can be reproduced.  By making a note of the composition of disks and rings, it becomes easier to handle such a blister next time.





EMTEE D Duplex machines or sorting machine

The various functions of the machine include :

- Machine to recoup STRIPS by cutting slits into blisters
- SORTING Machine to recoup different colored products
- Machine to recoup blisters with cross-ordened products
   that means WITHOUT space between the rows (see
   picture below)





EMTEE-A deblistering machine for ampoules, vials and syringes.




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